My 3 Plans to Lose 5 Pounds Before My Brother’s Wedding   no comments

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They say that it’s easy to achieve a 5-pound weight loss just by making small changes in your lifestyle. I’m a disciplined individual, and when I say I’m going to do something, I’d do it, unless of course unexpected events interfere. But this time, since I’m going to be attending my brother’s wedding, there’s absolutely no way that I’d be skipping steps just because something comes up.

Before I came up with my 3-step plan on losing 5 pounds in a single month, I did some research. I have a few friends who have successfully trimmed down, but because they managed to lose weight using varying methods, I figured I should have my own. So I searched the web and immediately knew what I’d work on.

I’ve learned that to reduce my weight, I’d have to burn 17,500 calories more than what I consume, which simply means I’d have to be very keen on what’s written on the label of everything I buy in the supermarket, aside from spending 40 minutes of brisk walking every morning. I’m not going to be accurate on the statistics, mainly because I can’t, so I’d make sure to only treat myself once every week to limit my calorie intake. Well, that’s what I initially thought of.

Apparently, there’s this calorie calculator I can use online to check whether I’m keeping count correctly or not, which gives way to my second step. With the help of this calculator, I can customize my needs depending on my height, weight, gender, and age.

And because I’m fond of wonders, I’d be trying a saffron supplement to boost the potential results of my efforts towards looking fantastic in my brother’s wedding. I’m usually skeptical about certain shortcut methods for losing weight, but after I’ve read saffron extract reviews in several online stores, I think it’s worth a try.

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Meeting the Cutest Dog in the World   no comments

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I am a big animal lover. I love learning about animals by going to the zoo and watching documentaries. Most of all, I enjoy taking care of them and so, I have a lot of pets.

I knew I had to adopt a wiener dog the moment I saw a picture of it online. The wieners’ long bodies make them unique. They are also small in size, making them perfect companions to share my bed with.

Besides looking cute on the outside, their personalities are very colorful. They are known to be energetic, playful, clever, brave, and loyal. On the downside, they can be stubborn at times.

I think that this is the perfect pet for me because she matches my personality greatly. I feel like that having a dog is not only for companionship, but also for having a mirror of ourselves.

wiener dog puppy

I’ve read somewhere that owners become like their pooches after being together for a long time. If this sentiment is true, then I would love to be this kind of dog because they are so cute and adorable.

Do you know the feeling of having an instant connection upon seeing something? Like that’s it – that is the thing that you are looking for. Well, that is exactly how I felt when I saw this dog.

I knew I had to get my hands on this dog and have it as a pet. The moment I saw this dog, I knew right away that it was myself – in dog form. This dog spells and shows my personality.

They say that animals are just like people and when it comes to pets, they are certainly true. I think that my preference over this dog breed indicates that this dog shall now have a new home, and that is my heart.

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Hi!   no comments

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My name is… well… I like to be called Acknomic!

Is that my real name?

No… Why?

Because I like to be anonymous…

I’m a girl or a boy?

I’m young or old?

Whatever you’d me to be!

I let you decide what I am!

Written by ackanomic on August 27th, 2014